Checking In...

Sorry haven't blogged much lately on top of trying to pack, prep for moving, and getting ready to start a new job next month things have been kind of crazy never the less.  To make things more difficult or should I say insane haha my poor laptop died and I temporarily had already put my Cox service on vacation/hold to not only help save some money but I find that it's easier to move when you do so.  At least for me I find that they connect it faster that way to a new place.  So for the time being I had just reactivated my wireless usb modem from my cell carrier for internet access.  Which isn't the fastest in the world and almost nearly impossible for me to watch YouTube videos and all but hey it's something right?

But the good thing is i'm nearly done packing just have to wait for the papers to be finalized and the checks to be deposited after and i'll have the keys to the new place yay!!  So over the next several days i'll go ahead and blog as much as I can and schedule the posts so that during the day when i'm getting things done and sometimes at night when the modem decides to be faster i'll have posts up for you guys.  New beginnings i'm so excited can't wait!

Oh and first case of business i've not only decided to start a pan project but i'm going to do some smart shopping and budgeting with maybe a treat every other month or every so often.  Reason being?  Well not just because trying to recover from feeling the recession but as a good long term investment i'm going to finally save up for not a PC but going to get me a MacBook Pro.  I would love the 17 inch but if anything the 15 inch is a great buy.  I know it's a difference of about $1100 but if you look at the specs you also get your money's worth.  Though i'd love to hear from any and all who have MacBook Pros which model do you?  Satisfied with yours?  Think the difference in price is worth getting the better?