Busy Little Bee!

Alright it's me again haha go figure!  Sorry the posts didn't go up for some reason the schedule posts wants to work with my blog when it feels like it.  I'm sure having an internet card from Cricket Wireless for my computer doesn't help because the speed also depends on it's mood.  Maybe it's because my poor laptop died on it so my trooper of a desktop is the one running the show now.  Going to save up for a MacBook Pro as soon as other bills and recovering from moving costs and what not settle down as well.

I will be testing out scheduled posting with my Windows Live Writer and see if that's more cooperative especially since I can go to town writing posts offline and just hop online long enough so it'll sync up all the scheduled posts.  Crossing fingers on that.  Especially since over the next two weeks when i'm actually moving and starting my new job *^_^ I probably won't be on much, not that i'm regular as is, again truly sorry on that!  Trust me once things settle not only will I be holding my contest, i'll post on a daily basis, and there's lots of reviews I have to share from hauls and wins yay!

I'm uber stoked that a ton of my favorite tv shows are back on for a new season or will be very shortly such a dork I know but hey it's entertainment.  I was watching the Rachel Zoe Project earlier tonight and man I wish I had her job or worked with her.  Granted I know it's like no life, consistent stress, and mayhem but oh do I live for Fashion and all the aspects it incorporates!  DVF, Chanel, D&G, Marchesa, and so much more are amazing designers that I wish we could all afford to rock more often in our lifetime than most of us can dream of.  There was a dress from Marchesa that Miley Cyrus wore to the 2009 Golden Globes that I just adore:

Photo Courtesy of Style Frizz
Article with more photos can be found HERE

There's one young celeb who's taste and style I just love both on and off screen, Hilary Duff.  The adorable flower like red dress in "The Perfect Man" and who can forget the insanely beautiful white corset prom dress in "A Cinderella Story" great stuff!

I think that's definitely one thing I would just love about being in the public eye getting dolled up and being able to wear some amazing clothes from incredible designers.  I mean would any of you ladies or gents turn down a day, night, or life of being dolled up, especially while doing something you love?

A show I actually miss seeing is Blow Out, Jonathan Antin's reality show about his business and life.  His sister Robin Antin is the owner and founder of The Pussycat Dolls empire, she's got a crazy awesome energy and such a sweetheart in person.  The dolls are a handful of ladies that make strutting around in crazy stilettos like it ain't no thing but a chicken wing, makes me really consider slipping on a pair of 4 1/2 inch or more heels and doing one of those work out in your pumps/stilettos.  Perhaps later :D

Speaking of shoooooes I came across the Shades of Gray article at In Style's blog and saw these adorable MICHAEL Kincade Slouch Gray Boot from Michael Kors:
Photo Courtesy of Michael Kors view details on Boot HERE
I have got to say I am just excited for Fall and Winter not just because of the cooler temps but so I can bust out the cute layers and boots!  Well it's almost 3am now and I need to do some more packing and cleaning before I hit the sack and get a head start on tomorrow's tasks ahhh!  Have a great one!