Great Week...

Just wanted to have an update post on my life.  I've been packing and cleaning my current place like crazy being i've been looking for a new place and new job.  Well one of the two so far has given me fab news!  Found out almost 2 days ago that the place I was really hoping for came through!  YAY haha it'll be so convenient for me hopefully getting the new job I have a good feeling about.  Plus it's in a great neighborhood, closer to family and some friends, and down the street from Jamba Juice!  Haha right now the scheduled move in date is the first week of September but I hope to move in sooner if possible.

The job sounds like it's going on a great path too.  I was able to gather a good amount of references and they all responded so fast to the HR dept THANKS a bunches you guys!  I can't thank you enough for being so great and helping support me through this... really to everyone!  Just waiting for some paperwork to be cleared and we'll see :) should be any day now.

MAJOR news on a upcoming West Coast Tour for my cousin-in-law [really brotha from another motha haha] David Muñoz, congrats to him so proud of you!  Check him out at www.DavidMunozMusic.com woot woot LOL.  Dano Artist Management which is run by his wife my close cousin, Tanya Dano Munoz, is another amazing one she's made so much amazing accomplishments and I really look up to her and respect her for it all, especially just being who she is.  Tanya and Dave you both are truly my uber Rockstars!

Well busy morning and even busier day ahead off I go again until the next blog ciao!