Hello Lovelies,

I apologize for my lack of posting for over a month now.  April and May were really rough months for me so far this year.  Shortly after my last blog post my Mother took a turn for the worse.  She passed away the day before Mother's day, a month ago from tomorrow.  My Mother was my everything she raised me herself with of course help from friends and family, but she was my hero.

She always did enjoy learning new things from others.  Even though she would write in her own journal she loved to read blogs and what everyone had to say or felt about anything.  So Thank You all for supporting me so far and I promise after giving myself time to heal some I shall be back full force.  I have had the honor of trying a bundle of different products that I received as gifts or purchased for myself at a great price.  I will definitely have some reviews up when I can.

Though I probably will post sales and samples when I can since we all can use pick me ups especially this day in economy.

Love Always,

Tricia Ann