MAC Brush Cleanser

So I used the MAC Brush Cleanser the first time tonight, I actually remembered haha.

Before I start the review just to let you know you can buy it HERE on MAC's website for just $11 before tax.

I also used the cleaning method by MakeupByTiffanyD her video on YouTube to this method is HERE if you're wondering.

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Claims to:
"This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibers so that brushes will last longer. It is convenient to use and is specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes. Brush Cleanser leaves your brushes smelling fresh and clean, and helps shorten their drying time."

So i'm a rather newbie to MAC Cosmetics and let me tell you i'm LOVING it all! I can't wait to get me more, especially the brushes! Now before MAC Brush Cleanser I always heard about different ways to clean your brushes whether it was spot or deep cleaning and of course with the different products. Such as Baby Shampoo, Moisturizing Soap, MAC Brush Cleanser, with and without the different brush cleaning jars and all that. I always used a moisturizing soap with either my palm or on a good handwash towel. I thought hey it's cheap it gets the job done I don't need any of the fancy stuff right now. Those of you who have use MAC Brush Cleanser and especially those of you who love it KNOW what I mean when I say "Ah MAZING" haha.

Seriously I mean no joke it no only cleans many brushes with a small amount but in a jiffy. I hated slaving over the sink EVERY time I cleaned my brushes especially since I didn't prefer using soap and water for just spot cleaning. I hoped on YouTube tonight and searched "how to clean brush with MAC Brush Cleaner" and I saw MakeupByTiffanyD's video. I thought I really like this it's simple, fast, efficient, and I don't feel like heading to the sink again haha! I was kind of skeptical on how fast it would work I seriously thought oh geeze for the 30 brushes I have to clean i'm going to be going through lots of paper towel. I'm in the middle of packing for a move transition which many of you have read in my other posts and so paper towels was the best thing and in a way more sanitary anyways.

Honestly no joking I ended up cleaning my 30 brushes in less than 10 minutes and with only 3 paper towels this are the thicker paper towel sheets but just 3 SHEETS! We're not just talking about the actual cleaning but wiping it dry as well. I'm still so in shock but very happy. You're probably woundering what in the world woman 30 why so many?! Hahaha well since i've been cleaning I skipped makeup application for almost a week and a half now and well honestly I was too lazy and tired by the time I had spare time to clean them so they were just put off. Plus I found other brushes while cleaning and received brushes with items I go in the mail so it was also like a "get it clean before first use/first time in a long time use" which i'll do especially since they're in a brush holder but still exposed to the enviroment so I like to clean even the brushes I haven't used every once in a great while too. Anyways I kid you not when I say that even my cheapo brushes have never been as clean, soft, and healthy looking as they have since I used this cleanser! It does dry so fast but of course if you applied alot of product on the towel in one place you'll notice that your brushes are very damp so it'll take longer to dry instead of using it the right way and have pretty much instant dryness.

I'll make sure to remember to take pictures next time or even just video myself doing it but you can watch TiffanyD and many others on YouTube do the same process in their videos online if you search for it. It's a great bang for your buck and time. I don't know about you but I don't have time to sit around and hunch over the sink all the time and not only take the time to wet the brushes them get the soap in my palms than stroke the brushes clean than rerinse and make sure that they are laid out right and wait overnight or a whole day. It's very time consuming and I don't have enough of each type of brush to wait around to get cleand and lets not forget the time it takes to reshape them. Whoever was the person/crew to create the formula BIG props and hugs to you, you're my rockstar[s]!!

You only need maybe two quarter size of product on the paper towel to get a good cleaning going for at least 4 or 5 brushes on each side of the towel especially if you fold the towel in two twice so basically half once and half again. Don't squeeze the bottle just tilt it on the towel after opening and a good amount will pour out so be careful. Take a brush and brush it back and forth not in circles because you don't want to damage the brissels. In a matter of seconds your brush will not only be clean but it'll shine healthy and be wonderfully conditioned. Wait a minute after cleaning and it should be well dry that you can use it immediately if you must.

Now here's the funny part mind you it's almost 3AM and over the past week i've on average crashed for bed at 6AM and slept maybe 4 hours if lucky before I had to get up and get the day going. Trying to clean, pack, job and house hunt, and especially get ready for a BFF visiting maybe living with for awhile just demanded more of my energy and time than sleepland. Yes I need more hours in the day to work! LOL what can I say I like to start and finish a job/project ASAP. So I was a clutz and was walking across my back room to my room to put the cleanser back on my vanity. The bottle wasn't snap shut good and when the bottle accidentally dropped my product came dripping out, well it does pour out a nice amount even if you don't squeeze it remember that! Well it so happened that an old pet stain from the previous residents is where some of the product spilled on.

I kind of panicked because with some cleaning products it'll turn the carpet a different color not just temporarily but permanently. So I ran to grab a paper towel blotted the area and gently scrubbed to make sure as much of the cleanser was lifted as soon as possible. Much to my surprise it cleaned the stain completely and better than the carpet cleaning products I used on it to try and get it out! Here's what's funnier because it's so tough on cleaning yet conditioning it took out the smell and the carpet spot in some areas when you look at it actually shines like the healthy hair on the brushes you clean. LOL now there's a good laugh and yet funny fact!

So I give it a 8/5

+ Does exactly everything it claims to
+ Has no scent
+ Gives brushes a wonderful sheen shine
+ Even cleans pet stains!
+ Nice price tag for the amount of product you get $11