Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner

I wanted to do a quick review on this because i've been using this for months now and I just LOVE it!

Photo Courtesty of Grow Black Hair

Helps restore moisture
Rebuilds damaged hair
Stimulates the root of your hair
Deep penetrating conditioner
Moisturizes and strengthens hair
Natural Shine

It's formulated with olive oil, silk proteins, and sweet orange oil to provides ultimate conditioning.

I don't like to do reviews without visual proof so I apologize ahead of time for the reviews taking so long. It also has to do with the fact i'm transitioning a lot job, home, and so forth living wise. But enough about that lets get to my personal views on this shall we?

These two pictures were taken before and after I used the Conditioner after one use and yes my hair was relaxed that's why it's not curly


Because i'm mixed with so many different ethnic races I find my hair a hard one to please. Sometimes it'll cooperate and take products that are mostly for naturally straight hair and other times I have to use products of the complete opposite. Since I was young I have braided my hair, relaxed it, flat ironed it, colored it, and highlighted it. So almost anything you can to haha but nothing to extreme, well other than chemical treatment hmm i'd say that's extreme. I inherited my Dad's hair which is African American hair, my hair specifically is naturally thick, kinky, and has tight curls. And as always remember everyone's hair and will respond differently I notice my body responds to things quickly whether it's skin, hair, or other beauty products.

As you can see in the pictures just after one use my hair is slightly shinier, has more bounce, more body, no fly aways, looks overall healthier. What you couldn't see is that it was MUCH easier to comb through for days after which is great because if you have similar hair you know how fast tangles build up and it's a workout just combing through after showers. But thankfully this conditioner detangled as well as made it soft to the touch I could not stop touching my hair haha! What was even better was that the elaticity of the hair strands were so much stronger it was crazy. I noticed too the more often I used the conditioner the stronger and healthier my hair became, even if I used other products more in between the results stayed. I can't stand when a product does wonders but heaven forbid you stop using it even for a little and it seems you're right back at square one, not with this! My hair did also seem to grow faster and that's pretty exciting for me because my hair takes forever to grow especially if it's not in braids. Not promising any miracle grow but I did notice for me I saw a more "normal" hair growth pace.

Another thing I completely love about this product is that it smells like Orange Creamsicles which is the BEST to me anyways haha. And it wasn't overpowering and actually stayed with my hair for a couple of days which is a shocker usually they don't last a day. But here's what sold me I did NOT have to add any extra conditioning or serums to my hair I left it in for longer than called it calls for 30-35 minutes but because of my kinky and thick hair that's been damaged by environment, heat, chemical and so forth I usually leave conditioners from 40min - 1 hour which may seem like that's overkill but that's just how my hair is. Usually I get the greasy thick left over feeling but not with this. It does apply as a very thick cream which I admit I had to use quite a bit the first time and I do still us a generous amount each time but that's just me and my hair is just slightly past shoulder length now. I trimmed it so it's just only slightly longer than the pictures shown above which was taken back in Feb/March.

Now the for the downside to get the full benefit of it I would say especially if your hair is in dyre need of replenishing to pump life back into it to use this conditioner every 2 or 3 days and honestly with me the bottle was gone in by half a month. But again keep in mind I was long overdue for an extreme conditioning. It doesn't have extreme protein elements so it's ok to use often and not have that stiff or hard texture like hair that just gets protein treatments or over proteined for that matter. Anyways the bottles at lets say Sally's Beauty where I get them go for $7 on average which isn't bad but in the beginning it could add up if you use a regular treatment instead of a weekly treatment which it usually calls for. But honestly that's the only thing I found as a downfall with it.

Can you tell a difference? LOL it's probably harder to tell with my locks but looks like i don't have as much body in the picture on the right that's actually because my curls are more defined and healthy they are a bit looser because of that too. In the picture on the left especially behind my head you can see the crazy hair and yes a big bulk of that is actually damaged as you can see. I did eventually trim that out but there's not a hot mess from putting it under all kinds of stress. I could not only comb through it easily but it didn't frizz up when I combed it out which is something that's a miracle for me :) Since using this and eventually WEN haircare I haven't had much of my natural curls which is ok because it's not weighed down, has body, and is healthy :)

So I give it 5/5

+ Does all it claims to do
+ Smells great
+ Doesn't weigh down hair or leave it greasy
+ Price/bottle is very reasonable at $7 [Sally's Beauty]

Hope that helped!