Very Mini Drugstore Haul

Hey guys so as you can tell it's an extremely little drugstore haul I did the other week at Kmart since my local store was having a nice sale figured i'd pick up a few things since I hit pan on a couple of them.

Revlon's Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer #200
I just loved how smooth and easy the primer went on. No after application sticky feeling at all which is nice. It actually feels very similar to Monistat's Anti-Chafing Powder Gel Skin Protectant. Which I do use now for an eyeshadow primer/base. Great stuff. Anyways another great thing I love about this primer is it works great with other foundations i've tried both liquid and mineral. Just remember to apply a thin layer each time because it will take awhile to set and absorb some into your skin.

Smells fantastic! I don't recommend using this as an eyeshadow base it's hard to do blending with and honestly it fades the color out.

Maybelline's Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation w/Micro-Minerals & SPF 18
in Medium #2 - Pure Beige
I was hesitant about trying this because I know some people had problems with when it set because it turns into a somewhat powder mineral form. I honestly with and without a primer had no problem with it and yes the days my large pores decided to take over it was a great coverage. Make sure as with any foundation you do a scrub/exfoliate and moisturize because it will show if you didn't especially if you haven't done your daily gentle exfoliation.

It is a bit messy only because if it doesn't decide to just drip out when you have it tilted lol. When you squeeze it do it with caution that bad boy has a mind of it's own and will come blazing out. Would prefer a pump but overall it's a nice product.

Max Factor's Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo - #100 Brassy Berry
What can I say I love me some purples [no it's not the Filipina in me talking haha] and ohhhhhhh how me some GOLDS!! That great thing about this particular gold is it really does have a bronzy brass feel to it but bulids up nicely. MF has come out with some great pigmented vibrant colors that really do stick. Even after doing a nice hand wash scrub after swatches it didn't want to come off haha.

Downfall is that brush applicator honestly I don't care for it now that i've been introduced into the world of fabulous brushes haha. But it's not going to kill us to either pan it or just put a small bunch ontop our hand and brush it from there.

L'oreal's Voluminous Naturale Mascara - #400 Black/Brown
Excellent mascara for everyday light but fresh look. For me as you can see in the video it really does elongate my lashes. Now you will have to do a few coats if you want to have it seen. Plus go slow with application of this because it doesn't take long for it to get on your skin. Doesn't smudge or run easily yet washes off nice and easy.

I also think if you have nice deep brown eyes like mine with the black/brown and any eyeshadows it's really makes your natural color pop. Could just be me haha but I think so.

... So overall that's what I have so far in this video/blog but much more to come like promotion-sales notifications, reviews, and maybe tutorials in the near future. Well have a great one!