Handbag Love

Hello Lovelies…

So I wanted to share with you my latest handbag obsession.  All thanks to my cousin-in-law Christina who gifted me with an early Christmas present!

She knows that I can be a label junkie but that I’ve always loved Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Chanel and LV handbags even if my budget didn’t allow it Smile I’m kind of a contradiction I’ll admit it, though I love the classics I tend to reach for bold patterns and items.


It is an older model of the two pocket tote design in the black signature design but I just love it and my cosmetic bag (though I admit I actually use it for discount coupons, business cards and other little tidbits.

My boyfriend bought me a large kangaroo keeper which ladies if you change purses as much as you should, we know how daunting it can be forgetting to transfer so many items here and there.  With the kangaroo keeper purse organizer it not only makes my new Dooney & Bourke bag neatly organized but also more functional with more pouches to find everything easier.

Definitely has become so handy it’s large enough to fit literally everything I need these winter days yet without becoming too bulky to carry around.  I have the small shoulder version in the exact same color and this just makes my collection complete.  Thanks so much Christina you’re an angel!

Now while we’re on the subject of handbags let me share an item off my wish list with you all.  Take a deep breath…


Photo courtesy of Louis Vutton US Collection

Isn’t the Tivoli PM one of the most beautiful handbags there ever was?!  LOL yes I am completely drooling over my keyboard right now.  They also have the Tivoli GM if you need something larger in this design.  I am going to work hard towards rewarding myself with this someday Smile


What’s your current obsession or dream handbag?