Making a comeback!

Has it really been almost a year?! From the bottom of my heart I truly apologize for the onset hiatus. It basically came down to a series of unexpected events back to back at times. Mixed with both wonderful and heart breaking tunes. After being laid off and unemployed for a year I was honored to enter into the Zappos.com family! Relocated closer to work and everything was starting to look up. But a few months later after all the great memories and long wonderful days there I got a call at work everyone dreads.

Courtesy of KeenManXP

Receiving news that your loved one especially parent has been hit with Cancer yet again that spread is heart wrenching. So I focused on getting her healthier and trying to beat it! In the meantime I ended up suffering from my own onset health problems. Now months later, well almost a year later! I am returning to my wonderful blog and fantastic readers!

Finally able to instill time and love again to Health, Beauty and Inspiration from my perspective. I also plan to revamp soon which I am so excited about! Makeovers are always a great time right?! I have my netbook up and running which will make posting a million times more convenient with the ongoing insane schedule. Especially since I will be back to work full time again shortly. But let the adventures and blogging push forth as we do with grace everyday!

Also to my awesome readers just a heads up.  I just updated my domain from http://misstrishdelish.blogspot.com to http://www.misstrishdelish.com/ Blogger has assured me that everything will be redirected and fine.  But if possible can you please update your RSS subscription to http://www.misstrishdelish.com/feeds/posts/default to ensure the posts will come through just fine to you.  As part of MiSSTRiSHDELiSH | Fashion & Beauty Delights I want to make sure to spread the love.  So another thing that will continue is any and all deals, giveaways, and contests that I come by will be posted for your pleasure.  In fact my next post later today will be just that!

Thank You all again for your love and support!  There will be more to come and look forward to getting to know you all again ^_^