Love the Outfit

Hey Lovelies,

Forever 21 Color Block Knit Dress                             Montego Bay Plaid Slingback

Hematite Bangle Bracelet 6-Pack               KATHY Van Zeeland Belt Shopper

Today I felt like truly basking in the Spring spirit!  I put together a short sweet and yet simple outfit with some of my favorite things in my closet.  I have provided links where you can check out the items just click on the above pictures.  Please keep in mind some items may not be available anymore or you have to hunt for them since a few pieces are a couple of years old.  Otherwise if they are available it could be just in other color combos.  So if the items that the link provides isn't the same it should be very similar.

The only thing missing from the outfit that I wore were nude colored stockings.  What's great bout the Forever 21 dress above is that you can wear it with stockings, tights, leggings, skinny jeans, shorts or just paired with your fresh glowing legs all spruced up for the sun.  What I have always loved so much about Fashion is even though there are rules, they are challenged to be broken.  Express your unique personality and you can do no wrong.  All that matters is you feel great in what you look in.

Take for example the outfit I had on a few days ago was black leggings, layered green and white camisoles, brown corduroy jacket, brown ballet flats, champagne sterling silver studs with gold bangles.  It sounds bizarre to some mixing brown and black let alone how tacky it may seem with gold and silver.  But in all honesty it looked nice and sheik!  I will be sure to take a picture next time I have a similar situation in outfits but you all get the drift.

I hate forgetting to take pictures when you have a great outfit, face or hair-do all put together.  Don't you hate missing a kodak moment to capture memories?

Well I hope you enjoyed my simple outfit that I just adored wearing yesterday.  I would love to hear about any outfits or piece that just made you feel like the belle of the ball.  Perhaps a pairing of items or colors you thought even at one point in time were just strange together.