Shoes and Shoes and Shoes... Oh My!!!!

I saw this lovely shoe over on A New Mode's latest blog and just was IN LOVE!! I love bold and beautiful color especially when it comes to shoes, tops and accessories :) Well I found myself the other weekend at the crazy Kohl's Power Hour special on top of the insanely awesome low prices to begin with... yet again! I came across these cute pair of Candie's fringed t-strap heels:

Left [Candies @ Kohl's] Right [Madden Girl @ Zappos]

Sadly I made myself squeeze into them and by the time I slipped my poor feet out of them the bad boys were pretty much dying on me. But I did come across to a similar looking heel over at Zappos that looks much more comfy and something that would pretty much work with my short yet slightly wide high arched feet haha! I love fashion but it's one thing i've noticed with all shoes from the past up until now that i've purchased or craved... fringed, rouched, bright bold, or dubbed with straps galore is going to be my kind of style for eternity. What can I say that's just me. I used to be a wedge girl most of my life and sneak in some pairs of stilettos but i've really started braching away from the wedge aka comfort zone LOL!

Hmmmm I wonder what my favor styles are at the present moment. There was one pair of heels that I came across towards the end of my Kohl's visit that just made me go bananas. It was a gorgeous pair from ELLE, yes I know go figure ^_^ They're just a shiek yet classic set of heels but it's one of those shoes that once you slip them on they're like GOLD! I swear they were SO comfortable and I have to say without being biased because I wanted them so bad they truly did transform my feet into some hot puppies. What does this wonderous pair of shoes look like? Take a look...

I know you're probably thinking o.0 something like, umm Trish are you forreal? But I swear to you they are heavenly and beautiful and you can ask Sherri had they had my size and had my budget allowed it I would have been in line ready to go satisified walking out with just these bad boys haha! Here's another sad fact of me when it comes to shoes, heels specifically. I usually don't like to go 4 inches let alone higher. I have probably the worse balance and coordination when it comes to heels so putting me higher up in the air is not always a pretty sight, great laugh none the less haha! Plus this is the strange thought I struggle with. I'm like 5'5" or 5'4.5" haha something along those lines. For some reason when I slip on 4" heels or something with more height I feel like i'm WAY too tall. I know it's because i'm short and used to sticking around my height. Funny thing is I think 5'8" or 5'9" is a great height to be for a gal. LOL *shrugs* anyways!

I've been using some products I was honored enough to win from different giveaways and contests so i'll be posting those reviews up soon. Love to share hauls not in a bragging kind of way but it's always nice and fun to see new or unknown products to yourself that others have been raving about or dying to try. Only thing that sucks is if it's something you/they have never tried it's not really helpful for a review or quick thoughts unless you've used it a few times. Which is why I have been so late on these reviews not going to give a raving review just because I won, bought or was given it you know? I have to say though i've been using LashFood for about a month now and not only saw results rather quick but still see the benefits and just love it! Can't wait to do a review for you on that which is coming up in the very near future just have to find my "before" picture of the lashes. Alrighty it's about 2AM and i'm pooped as well as need to get back on a "normal" sleeping schedule so until next time have a great one!