Monday it is

Hey everyone hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week will be even better!

Awhile back which i'm sure many of you entered the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover contest, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Luis Casco, was to choose 3 lucky winners based on who's look he loved the most and they were to win all the products used in their makeover. I just received an email today shortly after my lunch and guess what? I was chosen as one of the lucky winners!

I'm so thankful and excited that I plan on holding a contest very soon *^_^ so stay tune for the details! Thanks to Stacey Tropeano, Jill Kleiner, and of course the wonderful Luis Casco!

Go HERE to create your own Mary Kay Virtual Makeover!

Mary Kay has been around for a long time I remember friends and family using the products even before I got into makeup myself. The company, brand, and representatives are all respectable and there's a great choice of products for you to enjoy from. So check out the website and browse the products or see the Mary Kay representative closest to you.

I, myself am looking forward to trying their Skincare line i'll do a review on the products as soon as I purchase them :)

In case you're wondering what my Virtual Makeover look that won was here you go:

Please excuse the bare face Before picture haha. And as promised, better late then never I have finally got the review pictures from my MAC Family and Friends haul, so that will be going up later tonight!