Happy 4th of July!

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a wonderful and safe Independence Day weekend!

photo courtesy of TMCnet Bloggers

I know that I have been MIA for quite awhile now and I apologize. So much has happened in summer so far and I guess I didn't realize my time management would have gone out the window so fast haha. I will have some reviews definitely coming up starting this coming week. Again for a list of all the great contests and giveaways i've encountered there's a special widget on the side bar to the right. It's updated everytime I find a new giveaway/contest and i'll be clearing out the ones that have already ended this weekend.

Special thanks to all those who have been following and just started following it's greatly appreciated *^_^ lots of love and I enjoy reading and following your blogs as well! Speaking of which there's some giveaways that you will see i'll post on so just fair warning haha. I was debating if I should just post the reviews with pics or do it in addition to a vlog. I'll probably start including vlogs again once I catch up with everything and have the blog all situated.
Also i've had some that really have missed my updates on not just contests/giveaways but also different sells both online and in store. I will also start reorganizing my email to help keep you updated on those as well and again thanks so much for your patience. It's been even more hectic having moved and again at the end of the lease in 6 months being I was laid off. But I promise to not let anything get in the way of my blogging again I feel so bad for neglecting it and even my youtubing!

Well it's super early in the morning here like almost 5am and I have the worse sleep pattern amongst man kind right now i'm sure haha or well one of the worse! So i'm going to try and get some sleep before tonight. Until the next posting... promise it'll be within the next 3 days haha!