Beauty Swatch's 1st Giveaway Competition

So as always lets start with the rules first shall we?


1. You must have a blog account & be a follower of BeautySwatch

2. Create a post on your blog & do three things:

  • Upload the competition poster on your blog post & link it to competition giveaway post HERE
  • Upload a photo of your lips wearing your favourite lipstick or lipgloss and specify the details / shade number of the lipstick or gloss.
  • Leave a comment on competition giveaway post with a link to your entry HERE
3. Competition ends Friday 17 July 2009 at midnight GMT+10:00 (Melbourne time)

4. Four winners will be randomly selected for the four prizes below.

  • MAC Lipglass FAFI [Cult Fave]
  • Stila Lip Gloss [No. 15 Gorgeous]
  • Mor Green Tea Lip Delight [From Australia]
  • Cocoa & Vanilla Hand Cream [From New Zealand]

So my current favorite lip gloss is actually N.Y.C.'s Liquid Lip Shine in Pink Sands #538 [right picture]. I love it because you can do it sheer and have a nice shine just enhancing your natural lip color [left picture] for example like mine. Or you can build up on it and create a lighter pink nude color [middle picture] like I did. Of course keep in mind as with many products especially lip products it really varies from person to person on how it looks.
I love that you can get this gloss for cheap like $1.00 or less depending on where you are. You can actually get an identical look of the gloss with a couple other of my favorite lip products. Just apply N.Y.C.'s Lipstick in Rose Gold #413 which are the first 3 below [1. Room Light no flash, 2. No Flash, 3. With Flash] it's a nice mauve pink with gold shimmer. Top it with a layer of Lancome's Juicy Tubes Smoothie in Spring Fling [Last Picture] and you come out with a more pigmented but similar result as using the N.Y.C.'s Liquid Lip Shine in Pink Sands listed above.
I also use Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm religiously and always put it as a "base" for all my lip products which I think almost helps make everything glossy :) In case your wondering the N.Y.C. Lipstick was very inexpensive as well maybe at the most i've seen it priced at $3 but again varies from where place to place. As for the Juicy Tubes I believe they run about $18 at Sephora anyways. Well hope you enjoyed my inexpensive favorite lippies at the current moment!