Another Monday...

Hello Ladies and Gents it's another Monday!  Are we all prepared for another week?  LOL some great news.  In between all my packing and mayhem I was finally able to upload the pics of different prizes I won that i've been using and other great products i've really been loving to do some reviews.  Not to mention so much more.  I apologize again for the sparse posting they definitely will be become more frequent, I appreciate your patience :)

Later today i'm going to have a detailed review and swatches for my MAC Family and Friends mini haul that was so kindly given to me as an early Birthday present from a family member :)
Basically above we have:
  • Empty 15 pan palette
  • Vanilla eyeshadow
  • Expensive Pink eyeshadow
  • Woodwinked eyeshadow
  • Impassioned Solarbits
  • Fix +
  • Brush Cleaner
I can say right off the bat my favorite item of them all is the Solarbits they have a great reflection of color ranging from a deep purple mauve to a gold shimmered infused brown.  I did notice that when I used two different eyeshadow primers, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance one brought out more purple mauve tones and the other more of a brassy gold tone.  I'll have pictures up for that.

Believe it or not before this I won 2 items from MAC the Sharkskin Shadestick and Et Tu, Bouquet Eyeshadow and those were my first items from MAC.  I have been made over by friends and family with MAC products, admired the line since high school, and have used friends' products here and there but never really was able to buy make up other than from the drugstore because they were all we could afford being I was taking care of my Grandmother and Mother who were very ill for years I was the main source of income juggling school from as soon as I was of age to work, dance club, care giving responsibilities, and on average at least 2 to 3 jobs.

But now that there's great blogs such as Reflections of Your Beauty and so much more who have periodic giveaways some of us who have been hit even more so by the current economic times can find some opportunity as I have to win products we might not otherwise have been able to for awhile.  Not to mention with big and small companies such as Mary Kay having such frequent wonderful sales and contests!  Some can actually afford to buy a few pieces of make up, hair care, skin care, body care, handbags, shoes, clothes, and so forth that we didn't dream possible anytime soon.  So thanks to all the beauty bloggers and companies for still making it possible!

:) Alright I must be off to do some errands and mail out my application and photo shots for the Torrid House of Dreams Model Search out, wish me luck, and best of luck to anyone else trying out as well!  I'll be back later this afternoon if not tonight for sure with the MAC Friends and Family haul listed above with reviews and swatches!  Until than have a wonderful day/night!