Quick FYI

How silly are my puppies?! Ok so they're not exactly pups but they'll always be my babies :) haha. The one on the left is my boy his name is Kula, Kulakai to be exact and definitely knows he's the man of the house. On the right is the princess, Hana, Hanalei and let me tell you she's a feisty one haha. Hana is a Chihuhua - Jack Russell mix and Kula we'll he's my little mutt haha.

Any how with all the trouble i've been having with sleeping on a more "normal" schedule you'd think i'd have more blog postings :( sorry I promise to start from later on today and i'll definitely get back to keeping you updated with different promotions, contests, and beauty stuff :) and dare I say pick up from where I left off on my youtubing channel ha!

Well until later today have a great Sunday!