Kelp Benefits

Many of you have already heard of this supplement or seaweed that helps in many different aspects. Whether you're looking to help your thyroid fall into a more normal functioning aspect, cleanse and rid your body of different toxins, promote healthy and better skin or hair or nails, or for the other vast benefits it offers kelp definitely lends a helping hand.

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I came across the supplement after reading so many recommendations from different hair, skin, and nail gurus rave about the ingredient even when its used in commercial products. Being of mix cultures, difficult hair, someone of diabetes type II, and just ready help cleanse my body and start anew needless to say I was intrigued. So I decided to give it a shot after I read up on with my doctor if it was alright for me and doing lots of research. Because obviously you don't want to take something that either not going to benefit you, cause complications, or is just down right bad for you whether it be now or in the future.

After having used it on a daily basis for 2 months now I can honestly and truly say it's made a positive and great difference. Its help clear my skin more and keep it that way with a nice vibrant natural glow, my nails are stronger and grow faster, I feel more energized with it literally cleansing out toxins, and last but not least it's helped significantly with my hair.

My Skin Experience with Kelp

Not to brag or anything but I noticed once I hit college my skin started clear on its own and stay clear. Even when I go out and get makeovers done at beauty counters or my friends and I experiment with makeup i've always received how nice my skin is. The one thing that I had problems with though was whenever I did have an imperfection problem blemishes were my enemy they seemed to just linger and with my large pores that didn't help. Well after using Kelp I found I had little to no breakouts even when I wasn't eating the healthiest of foods or maintaining a top shape routine. Which is great because sometimes in life things happen and we need to learn to adjust even for a short time being. Another great thing I loved was it seemed to help minimize pours and the blemishes I had cleared up faster than before. Whats even more great is some of the beauty tricks or products I used for a nice dewy finish or glow I rarely had to use because it was already there for me.

My Nail Experience with Kelp

I admit when I had a really low several years in my life losing a very special loved one to many health complications that I was caring for, helping one parent battle cancer, and another parent develop mid stages of dementia with life's many other hectic and sometimes tragic situations I felt too overwhelmed. So like many I stopped being more social and going out even if it was the gym by myself, had a very unhealthy diet, drank all the wrong liquids, and just wasn't in an all round healthy state. Unfortunately my poor health choices eventually caught up to me and I suffered pretty bad so no matter how hard times get try to take care of yourself literally because it's not worth paying any costs of the lack there of later. I mean I had extremely horrible asthma attacks and breathing for months sometimes couldn't even talk, my diabetes got so out of wack I had angina problems from it and my nails started to look dull and lifeless and so much more.

I was always one who if couldn't afford to go get a manicure and pedicure would do one at home. I love acrylic nails as well. But because I already had nail problems from diabetes I didn't want to take a risk of getting a nail infection which I was at a higher risk for at the time. My nails were becoming thick and slightly yellowish with some skin around it just constantly being dry and flaking. I thought at first it was a nail fungus from my last acrylic nails I got because I had gotten that before awhile back from another salon. But my doctor reassured me since the problem was with me for awhile now I would have seen a drastic difference if it was. So after seeing Kelp helps nails too I figured that's a bonus. Sure enough my skin has slowly cleared up around the nails, they aren't a thick unhealthy form, they grow out so healthy.

My Hair Experience with Kelp

Those of you who have a hard time not just growing your hair but having it grow and stay healthy obviously can relate to me. Doesn't help that I have a complicated type of hair it's mixed ethnic, coarse, kinky, color and highlight treated, relaxed, exposed to harsh elements year round and is heat styled often. I got into the beauty world late in life so unfortunately I didn't come across different products and tips to help protect and treat my hair or even guidance until so much damage had been done. I always had my hair in braids too because I feel my hair has more of my African American ethnicity than any other and it seemed to only grow when in braids and respond to African American hair treatments and products my mom sought out for me. I took vitamins and found right products for my hair overtime to help nurse it back to life and keep it that way but as do many people find that sometimes it just stops working. That's what I felt my vitamins and supplements did.

I noticed right away with the Kelp the first new growth I had after a few weeks going on a month it was softer, shinier, and silkier than in the past. In fact that new growth appeared faster as well. Definitely more streght in the elasticity as well. Definitely have been enjoying the benefits it's given me with my hair results especially since that was the primary reason for purchasing it.

I'm sure other products I might have incorporated into my routine for my skin, hair, and nails also helped factor the results I received but no doubt I can say the Kelp helps me. I've provided links below I found on the web that I think are some great reads on Kelp if you're curious. Please do research and consult with your physician before trying this or any other product internally or externally.

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Here's where I purchase my Kelp:
GNC.com: GNC Natural Brand Kelp Supplement