Trish's Focus Friday Goals

Focus Friday If you guys haven't swung by Thrifty & Chic Mom's Blog you should she's always got some great posts, contests, and this nifty idea of Focus Friday. I think it's a great way to have other people know a little about you and what you're trying to do and help motivate you.

There's always a huge list of things that need to get done and things you have to work on but taking it day by day, or in this case with Focus Friday week by week, things will slowly start to fall in place. Times are hard for almost everyone in one way or another. But in time like everything else in life things will start to get better. I think considering all i've endured growing up and to this day i'm a pretty patient and optimistic person. Some say they're surprised i'm functioning and still have an ounce of sanity left in me. Which I take as a compliment, not boasting what so ever. Just think of all the fortunate things and people you have in your life that others may not or ever get to experience. It could always be worse so just be thankful and keep pushing on.

Well here goes my Focus Friday goals for the up coming week...

My Goals:
+ Go through my home office paperwork and really organize it

+ Put even more energy in my job hunting... it can be really draining

+ Get back on my strict diet and devote more time of the day for my exercising

+ Revise my budget and tune it up more

+ Learn to relax... i'm a natural worry wort with all the responsibilities i've had and tough times growing up. But I think it's time to let my positive and hopeful outlook take more control over my anxiety.