Impatient :]

What about? My 120 pro palette I ordered. I'm dying to start working with it but kind of bummed because it so happens the holiday falls around the time it's suppose to come in. Hoping that maybe i'll get lucky and my shipment comes tomorrow but we'll see!

I really need to go shopping for my basics. I am out of my primers for both face and eyes, as well as a good liquid or cream foundation. I love my mineral foundations don't get me wrong but with being crunched for time lately it's just more ideal for me to do liquid. By now you can tell i'm suuuuuuch a novice at makeup again lol.

Literally i'll sit there in the stores and feel too lame sometimes to ask for help when it comes to the biggest thing the foundation. I swear sometimes I have no color near my skin haha kind of sucks to always have to blend colors to get the right one. Not to mention i'm sure i'm completely off base with using the right brushes for the right job haha but hey it's all a learning process eh.

Oh here's something funny. So after getting to wash allll my brushes I decide that it's time for me to create my brush holder. But before I washed them I realized I split them up in groups of washed and unwashed. Yet with trying to do 80 billion things at one time without thinking put them all in and was about to take a pic. LOL you'll have to forgive me when I get in a mode I just space like crazy. Sometimes i'm in a sense more focused and do things better but today was just not one of those days haha. Whatever at least I can laugh about it.

I'm going to post up some pics of the last few looks I remembered to take snaps of. Please excuse the bareness look of it. Without priming the colors look so natural on me it's irritating haha. But like i've said trying to get the hang of things so if you guys think you might have some tips or resolutions please do feel free to guide or spare some advice it'd be grately appreciated :]